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Many students are often preoccupied with schoolwork, social life, and extracurricular activities, leaving them with little time to be updated on current events. In some cases, students are not even interested in reading the news because it feels tedious, uninteresting, or even intimidating. In this day and age, it is especially crucial for the next generation to be well-informed. 


GENEWS, also known as Generation News, aims to broaden news access to students by reporting current events in a simplified manner. It is a platform that provides busy students with fast, unbiased answers to their pressing world affairs questions. The company is 100% powered by students, intending to create a community of members of Gen-Z who can update each other on current events. Overall, GENEWS strives to revolutionize the way students read and write about current events.


I discovered GENEWS at the beginning of the pandemic as I was searching for outlets to practice my visual communication skills– and in late March 2020, I was appointed the Head of Graphic Design. As the world was facing the peak of the pandemic and an unusually tumultuous political state, I found it to be an extremely interesting time to work for a news publication. At GENEWS, I implemented a new logo and successful overall rebranding for the company as well as developed a marketing strategy. I was also responsible for teaching design principles and basic digital software to over ten team members.


The color palette brings a young, charming, and unintimidating aesthetic to GENEWS. I wanted to organize the different news catagories by color to create cohesion in the social media feed and website. The icons above also double as the Instagram Highlight covers. From left to right, the news catagories include world news, politics, economics, COVID-19, arts & culture, and the Black Lives Matter movement.


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